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Young hero Miguel! to whale rescue

In our day to day, we are dedicated to creating experiences for our visitors, to contribute to cleaning the beach and promoting that love for the sea. From time to time on our tours, we have witnessed being around crabs, fish, turtles of different sizes, and in the holiday season, whales.

A day like any

The day began like all the others, at 6:45 am arriving at the locations to assemble the staff, starting the tours at 7am, register our clients, make payments, give directions and go on an adventure!

The day looked like another great day at the beach, our guide Migue had his turn at our 2nd location in Lupe de Arena, he was taking his tour when suddenly, halfway to Playa Secreta, they had the fortune to run into each other. face with a whale! However, our dear marine friend was in trouble, her tail was caught by something that looked like a broken and old net. It was that moment when Migue had to make a quick decision, help him or let him pass, he did not think about it when suddenly he was already in the water trying to remove the net with the paddle, but he immediately realized how complicated it would be. and how the whale began to submerge, taking him to the bottom with it; our dear hero did what he could, he was perceptive and suddenly he had succeeded! The net was in his hands while the whale moved away freely, an unforgettable experience.

"Being able to practically help a whale was something truly beautiful" - Migue

We attach the video so you can see this great adventure! : D

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